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Enjoy the Weather, Not the Wind

Arizona’s year-round harsh climate can lead to increased energy and cooling costs as well as take a toll on patio furniture and your skin. Patio sun and wind screens (PSWS) by Liberty Awnings and Shades block 95 percent of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays without obstructing your view or reducing the amount of natural light let in. Our screens also reduce the amount of heat, wind and dust that reaches your patio.

Liberty Awnings and Shades’ patio sun screens are a great way to add curb appeal and increase your home’s value. Our screens can cover hard-to-fit windows, sliding glass doors, covered balconies, outdoor gazebos, open car ports, decks, pool areas, spas, and much more. Choose a style with sophistication and class to match your decor from our collection of colors.

Patio Sun & Wind Screen Features

  • Widths from 2′ to 32′
  • Drops from 4′ to 14′
  • Made of durable, long-lasting materials
  • Dozens of fabric selections/colors
  • Custom-built to your requirements
  • Professionally installed for years of trouble-free enjoyment
  • Hand Crank – Use the hand crank to lower and retract the screen, then either leave the wand in the gearbox eyelet or remove and store it elsewhere.
  • Motorized – Press the wall-mounted toggle switch or use the remote control to extend and stop the screen at the desired point.
    • TIP: Do not run the motor through its full travel (all the way up, then and all the way down) more than two times in 15 minutes. To prevent overheating, a built-in thermo switch will temporarily shut off the power to the motor for 30-45 minutes to cool it off and prepare it for normal operation again.
  • Cables vs. Clips – When you order your PSW, you have the option for either a cable guide system or carabiner-like clips. The cable guide system allows you to stop the screen at any point which keeps the unit secure from blowing in the wind. The clips offer a more sturdy way to secure the unit, locked into the same position every time you roll the screen down.
  • Sun & Wind Sensor – This sensor automatically brings the screen up or down when it senses changing weather conditions.
  • Hood (Optional) – This protective, powder coated, metal hood can prevent the top of the fabric roll from getting dirty and receiving overexposure from the sun.
  • Units wider than 192” will have split panel fabric.
  • There will be approximately a 2” gap in the center of the screen.
  • Two roller tubes are spliced together to form the unit, with one center support to keep the unit from bowing down in the center.
  • One 1” heavy-duty bottom pipe will run along the bottom.

Each unit will have gaps on the sides to allow for the mounting of the brackets. This is standard.