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Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings

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Convenience & Comfort

Retractable outdoor awnings are the perfect solution for providing shade and relief from the heat. Whether you’re hosting a party, relaxing at the pool or having family over for dinner, you can use an awning to expand the shaded area of your outdoor living space. Retractable awnings are easily retracted for storage and are a safe, convenient and inexpensive alternative to other outdoor shelters. Liberty awnings not only keep you protected, they are virtually maintenance-free and enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Retractable Awning Features

  • Shade when you want it; sky when you don’t.
  • Expand your outdoor living space without the inconvenience and high cost of construction.
  • Enjoy instant square footage of comfortable shade at the touch of a button.
  • Protect furniture and carpeting from fading.
  • Lower indoor temperatures by as much as 15 degrees, and reduce sunlight and glare by as much as 94 percent.
  • Add visual appeal and value to your home
  • Hand Crank – Crank the awning out until arms are fully extended (arms will always be slightly bent) and then crank back in one full turn so arms are not locked in the extended position.
    • TIP: If cranked too far out, the fabric will loosen. If this happens, turn the crank back in to tension the fabric. It may be difficult to turn, so check to make sure fabric rolls correctly onto the top of the roller tube.
  • Motorized – Press the wall-mounted toggle switch or use the remote control to extend and stop the awning at the desired point.
    • TIP: Do not run the motor through its full travel (all the way up, then and all the way down) more than two times in 15 minutes. To prevent overheating, a built-in thermo switch will temporarily shut off the power to the motor for 30-45 minutes to cool it off and prepare it for normal operation again.
  • LED Light KIT – Click the following link and watch our LED Light Kit video to see how our light strip accessory operates!
  • Sun & Wind Sensor – This sensor automatically retracts or extends the awning according to the weather conditions.
  • Hood (Optional) – This protective, powder coated, metal hood can prevent the top of the fabric roll from getting dirty and receiving overexposure from the sun.
  • Awning Curtain – A Drop Curtain made of solar screen material or Sunbrella fabric drops from the front hem bar, past the valance to extend the shade time of your awning by blocking morning or late afternoon sunlight.
  • Wind Support Legs – Support legs can be installed on either end of your awning to help stabilize the awning in windy conditions.
Sunbrella® Shade Fabrics: Nothing’s Better Under the Sun® Exceptionally beautiful and designed to last, premium Sunbrella shade fabrics integrate style with proven durability, UV and fade resistance, easy care, and bleach cleanability.
  • Superior Sun Protection: blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends Sunbrella shade fabrics in shading products, as part of a complete sun protection regimen, including regular use of sunscreen, to aid in preventing sun-induced skin damage.
  • Proprietary Color to the Core™ technology: ensures that performance is built in at the polymer level, delivering lasting fade and weather resistance.
  • Proudly woven in the USA, industry-trusted and field-proven since 1961
  • Backed by the industry’s most comprehensive warranty: spanning 10 years and including labor costs for years 1-5. Learn More.
  • Explore all available Sunbrella fabric options.