3 Patio Features to Bring Value to Your Home

Your patio is arguably one of the most important features of your house. This is an area where you can relax, throw a party, and bond with your family. From installing patio shades to investing in a pergola, there are limitless ways to bring additional value to your home. Whether you are looking to sell your home or impress guests, here are the 3 main patio features you need to add to your outdoor area.

1. Patio Roller Shades


When it comes to staying comfortable, patio roller shades are essential during those hot summer days. Intense light and the harsh rays from the sun can ruin the mood when you’re trying to relax after work.


Luckily, patio shades can provide you protection from the sun while giving your yard a stylish look. Investing in patio shades can protect your guests and enhance the usability of your patio. With this feature, you’ll be able to create a great living environment while adding value to your home.

2. Retractable Awnings


Similar to patio shades, retractable awnings offer both function and style. Proving shade from the sun, these are a perfect option for relaxation. Whether you are hosting a party or family dinner, a retractable awning will keep those you love cool while using it as a functional living space. 


These awnings can expand and retract based on your convenience and are proven to help keep the sun at bay. In fact, according to Forbes, exterior awnings can reduce solar heat gain by up to 77%. By incorporating these into your patio design, you are investing in the long term future of your home.

3. Pergolas


If you are looking to awe your guests with style, pergolas are a perfect feature to fit into your outdoor landscape. These serve as the focal point of your patio, offering a stylish backdrop for relaxing after work and hosting a family party. By adding beauty and character, a pergola will add that extra touch of luxury to your home.


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Posted 5/16/24