3 Tips for Choosing the Right Awning for Your Patio

You’ve decided to install an awning on your patio to provide some shade and shelter, but with so many options out there, such as retractable awnings, how do you choose the right one? Follow these three tips to make sure you select the perfect awning to meet your needs.

1. Consider How Much Shade Coverage You Need

When deciding on an awning, first think about how much shade you want it to provide. Retractable awnings allow you to control how far the awning extends to customize your shade coverage. If you want to shade a large area, choose an awning with a wider coverage span. Make sure to measure the square footage of your patio as you shop to find options that will provide ample protection. According to Forbes, exterior awnings can reduce solar heat gain. For south-facing windows, it can reduce it by up to 65%, and, for west-facing windows, it can reduce heat gain by as much as 77%.

2. Determine What Features Are Most Important

Next, reflect on the features that matter most for how you’ll use your patio and awning. Factors like awning fabric, frame material, design, automation, controls, and installation methods all vary. Spend some time looking at fabric samples — canvas and acrylic fabrics are popular options, with differences in durability, water resistance, and texture. Make sure to choose a frame made of rust-resistant and durable material. Also, consider if manual or motorized controls for opening and closing your retractable awning best suit your needs.

3. Select an Awning Style That Complements Your Home

There are many types of awnings to decide between, like stationary canopies or retractable designs that open and close. The style you choose should enhance your home’s architecture and design for a cohesive look. Awnings come in various shapes, such as domes, waterfalls, and straight valance. Match the installation location, height, and width proportions to complement your home. Custom options are also available if you want something tailor-made for your space. Be sure to choose neutral, subtle colors or palettes that coordinate with your exterior paint scheme.

Installing an awning on your patio is a big decision that can provide beauty, functionality, and comfort for many years when you select the right one. Keep these tips in mind as you shop for the perfect awning and carefully evaluate all the options against your needs. Contact Liberty Awnings and Shades to get started today.

Posted 12/26/23