Awesome Porch Awning Concepts

Most people tend to focus on adding awnings to their backyard because it is the area where they spend the most time relaxing or entertaining guests. The porch area of someone’s house can be a great area to unwind, especially if you have a small, enclosed area which is uncovered. Adding an awning to cover your porch area can add character and comfort to the front of your home, also making it seem more welcoming to your guests. Aside from the cosmetic appeal that an awning can add to your porch, it is also a great addition which can help keep the front of your home cool in the summer if it faces east or west.

3 Awesome Porch Awning Concepts:

The color and design of the awning you choose should always complement the design of your home:

  • Many houses in the Phoenix area have stucco exteriors which are tan in color; choosing an awning which matches the color of your house, or a much darker color will complement your home well.
  • Retractable awnings are a great choice for porches because you can choose how much light comes into your home throughout the day. Retractable awnings are also great for small courtyard style porches to keep the area cooler, and prevent you from getting wet on rainy days.
  • Straight retractable awnings are an awesome addition to the porches of Spanish mission style homes.

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