How to Clean Awnings

An awning can be used for multiple things and therefore some degree of flexibility in its operation is more than welcome. Retractable awnings placed in the patio or in the front yard, need to be kept clean to give your home an immaculate appearance.

Typically awnings are made of metal or heavy fabric. Irrespective of what they are made of, they need to be cleaned. Proper maintenance helps the awnings to function well, as well as be in good shape. Cleaning them does not need much effort or practice. For the most part of it, cleaning awnings is as easy as occasional washing and closing it on and off to make sure that the frame and the fabric is in good shape. Being mainly used externally, often the awnings are prone to stains and stubborn marks due to weather conditions. If rain and water cause water marks, the scorching rays of the sun can fade it and make it look old. Often we overlook the debris and the dried leaves that collect on them. This leads to ugly marks and stains due to decay.

Steps to Clean Awnings

  • To begin with, sweep out the debris and the dust from the awnings.
  • Once the surface has been cleared off, use a water hose and clean it with a strong jet of water. More often than not the retractable kind are motorized. With that said, make sure that the water does not percolate into the motorized area.
  • The areas which have been stained can be cleaned a little more thoroughly with the help of detergent and water. This little effort ensures a clean and a well maintained look.

What to Remember When it Comes to Clean Awnings:

  • Avoid using a heavy duty cleaner.
  • Make sure to dry out the awnings completely before folding it up as damp could cause the growth of mold or mildew.
  • Make sure that the detergent that is used is organic and does not have bleach or chemicals that can damage the material.
  • If the awning is made of vinyl, avoid heat in any form as it can burn down the fabric.
  • Cleaning at regular intervals will save you that extra effort every time you decide to clean it.