Shade When You Want It

Most of us live in Arizona because we enjoy the climate, and our 300-plus days of sunshine annually. Problem is, the very same sunshine that feels really great during the 60 to 70 degree temperatures we experience year-round is more than a bit uncomfortable during a drought-stricken, 100+ degree summer days. Wouldn’t those sunny days be even better if we had some control over the sun verses shade and were able to spend more time enjoying the outdoors?

Shade when you want it and sky when you don’t. That’s exactly what Liberty Home Products provides its customers with the retractable awnings.

As Phoenix’s premier factory direct awning manufacturer, the family-owned company has led competitors for over 23 years by delivering uncommon capabilities and superior customer service. Staying in the forefront of the industry by using state-of-the-art technology is one example. An automatic fabric seamer, ultrasonic fabric welder, and a specialized thread guaranteed for the life of the fabric allow Liberty to produce customized awnings more quickly and of a higher quality.

Paying attention to something as simple as the thread made by the same company known for developing Gore-tex for the garment industry provides the Liberty customer an advantage by eliminating the need to ever resew a seam.

As a Liberty customer, you are in total control of your shaded environment. Add visual appeal and value to your home by selecting from over 200 fabrics including stripes, solids, and subtle patterns, and three available frame colors. Choose from manual, motorized, or wireless control operation. Finally, for the utmost in convenience and high-tech operation, add electronic sensors that extend or retract the awning automatically according to weather conditions.

All of this, combined with the fact that you deal with factory-direct with Liberty and avoid the middleman, returns more value for your dollar.

There’s another option for your control of the sun verses the shade that helps homeowners protect their views: the retractable solar shade. They function like sunglasses, blocking up to 90 percent of the heat, glare and solar radiation (UV rays). Yet they allow the beauty of warm sunlight to filter into your home.

They can be applied to the interior or exterior of your home. Solar shades protect your carpets, rugs, furniture, artwork and wood floors. They also help minimize incoming glare on your TV or computer. And, of course, these are another custom-built Liberty product custom designed for your home.

If you need protection from the sun and wind for your covered west-facing patio, a gazebo or hot tub, see Liberty’s patio and wind screens. The screens block up to 94 percent of the direct sunlight and wind, but maintain your view.

Friendly, free in-home estimates and professional advice are a Liberty tradition. Why not schedule a convenient appointment at your home by calling 602-956-1642, or see the company website,