Why Are Retractable Awnings Trending in Your Neighborhood?

You may have noticed your neighbors spending more and more time outdoors, comfortable in the shade of their new retractable awnings. But why are retractable awnings suddenly the hot purchase this season? Here are a few of the reasons behind this latest trend:

Pandemic Spending Habits Here to Stay

During the pandemic lockdowns, you likely spent more time at home than ever before. Many people took on new hobbies, and DIY projects, and upgraded parts of their living spaces to make their homes more functional and enjoyable. As the weather warms up this spring, family and friends are eager to carry their increased focus on the home outdoors, and retractable awnings are allowing them to do so.

After more than two years of pandemic life, consumers have kept the habit of investing in pieces that improve their quality of life at home.

Outdoor Living Gaining Popularity

Outdoor living spaces have grown tremendously in popularity over the past decade. Hanging out on the patio or deck is no longer just a seasonal trend when the weather cooperates. Retractable awnings, weather-resistant furniture materials, outdoor fireplaces, and lighting innovations now allow homeowners to enjoy al fresco meals, parties, and activities year-round. Upgrading your aged awning with a new updated retractable awning allows you to get more functional use from your outdoor areas.

Deals and Styles Have Never Been Better

If you’re still hesitant about getting a new retractable awning for your backyard, just wait until you see the fantastic deals that Liberty Awnings and Shades can offer you.

We offer a FREE in-home consultation and estimate. You show us where you need shade, we’ll work with you to define the best products and pricing for your project.

Beyond that, we also offer various styles all suited to your needs, from motorized to hand crank controls, LED light kits, sun sensors, and more.

As the weather warms this spring, expect to see your neighbors enjoying the outdoors under their new retractable shade. If you’re looking to get your new retractable awning, schedule a visit to our Arizona showroom today.