Retractable Awnings from Liberty Home Products

Here at Liberty Home Products, we strive to provide you with the best looking and most functional awnings and shade for your home. We understand the unique climate patterns and shade needs of the desert dweller and offer a variety of home products to suit your needs.
Many people are concerned with whether or not the form of shade they choose will compromise the look of their house. They don’t want something big and bulky and maybe they might even want to be able to sit on their patio and look at the stars. If this sounds like you then a retractable awning from Liberty Home Products is the way to go. A Liberty Home Products retractable awning attaches to the side of your house and provides shade without being intrusive.

By choosing an awning to provide your shade, you can have shade when you need it and sun or stars when you don’t. When fully extended, a retractable awning can still match the color and style of the Phoenix house while providing shade below and behind it. When retracted the awning simply blends in with the house. A retractable awning is perfect for patios and RV’s. The best part is, a retractable awning is motorized, the user only needs to push a button to open or close it.

If your Phoenix home has a particular window or room that receives too much sun during the day, but provides a spectacular view at night a retractable awning can provide the solution. Liberty Home Products awnings simply roll down the awning during the day, and after the sun goes down roll it back up. The best part is retractable awnings provide shade but do not limit visibility.

So the next time you go to apply sunscreen or turn down the thermostat, consider other alternatives. By providing shade with a retractable awning you get cooler temperatures and protection from the sun when you want it, without compromising the look of your home, RV, or patio. Sun or stars when you want it, shade when you don’t, all at the ease of a button.