Solar Shades Increase Comfort in Your Home

Nearly everyone in Arizona can relate to the summer being unbearably hot. You may have become used to the interior of your house feeling hot despite how much you blast your air conditioning at a low temperature during the late spring and summer months. This unpleasant heat in your home is most commonly caused by the sun shining directly into your windows which face the sun during the day. For example, your house may have many windows which face east and west, which guarantees that the sun will directly exert heat into your house at its most intense times of the day such as the morning and late afternoon. Throughout the course of a day, the sun continuously shines into your home which causes your home to remain uncomfortably warm. You may have installed energy-efficient windows, but they don’t seem to keep your house cool. External solar shades filter the sun’s rays before they enter your windows, and are a great solution to keeping your house at a comfortable temperature during the day.

What are Solar Shades?

Solar shades are retractable screens which are made of specially engineered solar fibers that filter the sun’s intense rays before they enter your home through your windows. While solar shades are an excellent way to filter the sun’s intense heat, they do not obstruct the view outside of windows from the interior of a house.

Why Install Solar Shades?

Solar shades are guaranteed to regulate the heat that the sun exerts into your house through windows. They are capable of reducing the sun’s heat exertion into your home by nearly half of the amount it would be while your windows are unprotected by the screens which means that you will save money on energy costs, and will feel more comfortable in your house. Solar shades do not obstruct your view outside of your windows, yet increase your privacy by decreasing the visibility from the exterior of your windows.

Solar shades are a great option if you can’t seem to keep your house cool during the hot months of the year. They are specially designed to last for years, and guarantee to save you money on air conditioning costs. Inquire today to begin making your house or business a more comfortable place.